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Lakhs of Candidates take participation is JEE Main Examination to get admission in different  NITs, IITS & IIITs and other government and non-government engineering institutions. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has completed conducting the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Mains Exam in both online and offline for all the applicants. The JEE Main Examination has been held on 2nd, 8th and 9th April 2018 in various examination centers. As after the examination is over many institutes like Akash, Allen Kota, Resonance, FIITJEE, etc. have announced the Answer Keys for JEE Main 2018. There were four sets for the JEE Main 2018 which were A, B, C and D.

Note: Candidates must note that these JEE Main 2018 Answer Keys are only provided by Coaching Institutes. The Official JEE Mains Answer Key 2018 will be provided by


JEE Main 2018 Answer Key

In this post, We are going to share JEE Main 2018 Answer Key so that you can match the answers with the questions and find out which was a wrong or right answer. With the help of these JEE Main 2018 Answer key applicants can check their answers and estimate their probable scores in the JEE Main examination.

Time and Table of JEE Main 2018 Examination

1JEE Main 2018 Offline Exam – Paper 1 (Concluded)April 2, 2018 (9:30 am to 12:30 pm)
2JEE Main 2018 Offline Exam – Paper 2April 2, 2018 (2 pm to 5 pm)
3JEE Main 2018 Online ExamApril 8 & 9, 2018 (9:30 am to 12:30 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm)
4JEE Main Answer Key Paper 1 & 2 by Coaching InstitutesApril 2, 2018
5JEE Main Official Answer Key (Paper 1 & 2)April 18, 2018
6Downloading of JEE Main Response OMR sheetApril 18 to 22, 2018
7Dates to Challenge JEE Main Answer KeyApril 18 to 22, 2018
8JEE Main Result for Paper 1April 27, 2018
9JEE Main Result for Paper 2May 27, 2018

JEE Main Answer Key 2018 (Set A)

The JEE Main Pen and Paper was held on 2nd April 2018. No doubt the examination was tough as always.

JEE Main Answer Key – Set A

Q 14Q 311Q 612
Q 23Q 322Q 623
Q 33Q 331Q 634
Q 41Q 342Q 642
Q 52Q 352Q 651
Q 61Q 363Q 664
Q 74Q 372Q 673
Q 82Q 382Q 681
Q 91Q 392Q 694
Q 102Q 404Q 701
Q 114Q 413Q 714
Q 124Q 424Q 724
Q 133Q 433Q 732
Q 143Q 441Q 741
Q 154Q 452Q 751
Q 163Q 461Q 763
Q 174Q 472Q 774
Q 181Q 482Q 783
Q 191Q 491Q 792
Q 203Q 502Q 801
Q 211Q 511Q 811
Q 221Q 523Q 822
Q 232Q 533Q 831
Q 243Q 542Q 841
Q 254Q 554Q 854
Q 262Q 564Q 861
Q 274Q 573Q 873
Q 281Q 582Q 883
Q 292Q 593Q 892
Q 302Q 603Q 904

JEE Main Answer Key – Set B

Q 12Q 311Q 613
Q 22Q 321Q 623
Q 34Q 334Q 632
Q 44Q 342Q 644
Q 53Q 353Q 652
Q 63Q 361Q 661
Q 74Q 373Q 673
Q 83Q 382Q 681
Q 94Q 392Q 694
Q 101Q 403Q 701
Q 112Q 412Q 714
Q 124Q 423Q 724
Q 134Q 434Q 734
Q 141Q 444Q 741
Q 153Q 453Q 752
Q 163Q 462Q 761
Q 172Q 473Q 773
Q 182Q 482Q 781
Q 191Q 491Q 793
Q 204Q 503Q 802
Q 213Q 511Q 814
Q 222Q 523Q 822
Q 232Q 533Q 834
Q 241Q 542Q 844
Q 253Q 554Q 854
Q 263Q 562Q 861
Q 271Q 573Q 873
Q 281Q 581Q 882
Q 292Q 593Q 891
Q 301Q 604Q 901

JEE Main Answer Key – Set C

Q 11Q 314Q 612
Q 21Q 324Q 621
Q 33Q 332Q 633
Q 44Q 343Q 642
Q 53Q 353Q 651
Q 64Q 363Q 661
Q 72Q 374Q 671
Q 83Q 381Q 681
Q 93Q 393Q 693
Q 103Q 402Q 702
Q 112Q 414Q 713
Q 121Q 422Q 724
Q 133Q 434Q 733
Q 142Q 441Q 741
Q 152Q 454Q 751
Q 164Q 462Q 762
Q 171Q 473Q 774
Q 182Q 483Q 784
Q 193Q 494Q 794
Q 201Q 504Q 804
Q 214Q 512Q 813
Q 223Q 523Q 822
Q 234Q 531Q 834
Q 241Q 544Q 844
Q 251Q 551Q 854
Q 261Q 564Q 863
Q 271Q 572Q 872
Q 282Q 581Q 882
Q 292Q 591Q 893
Q 301Q 603Q 903

JEE Main Answer Key – Set D

Q 12Q 313Q 611
Q 21Q 323Q 622
Q 34Q 332Q 633
Q 42Q 343Q 642
Q 51Q 352Q 652
Q 64Q 363Q 664
Q 73Q 373Q 674
Q 84Q 382Q 681
Q 92Q 391Q 693
Q 101Q 403Q 704
Q 111Q 414Q 711
Q 123Q 422Q 721
Q 133Q 434Q 733
Q 142Q 444Q 741
Q 152Q 452Q 751
Q 162Q 461Q 764
Q 172Q 471Q 774
Q 182Q 484Q 782
Q 193Q 491Q 792
Q 202Q 504Q 803
Q 212Q 511Q 813
Q 221Q 523Q 823
Q 234Q 531Q 834
Q 241Q 544Q 843
Q 254Q 551Q 854
Q 261Q 562Q 864
Q 271Q 571Q 873
Q 283Q 582Q 883
Q 294Q 592Q 892
Q 302Q 604Q 904

How to Download the Answer Key

Follow the below steps to download JEE Main Answer Key 2018

  • First of all visit the link (It will be provided soon)
  • Click on the “JEE Main 2018 Answer Key” link.
  • The answer key of all sets will be displayed on the screen.
  • Download the answer key.
  • Check which question you did wrong and make a

How to Challenge JEE Main Answer Key 2018

If the aspirants are not satisfied with the JEE Mains 2018 Answer Key then they can challenge for the same by fillling an application form which is available online. The fees for this Application form is 1000 Rs and the fees is non- refundable.


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